Webinar: Building a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

In a mentally healthy workplace, everybody wins. Learn what steps you can take to create a supportive work environment for those dealing with mental health concerns.


Tip Sheet for Employers

Several factors contribute to a psychologically healthy workplace. Click here to learn more.


Start the Conversation

Many employers have programs and resources that can help employees with mental illness. The challenge is getting people to access them. The ICU Program (Identify, Connect, Understand) was designed to decrease the stigma associated with the topic of mental health and foster a workplace culture that supports emotional health. The Partnership for Workplace Mental Health makes the ICU Program available at no cost to employers across all sectors, industries and sizes. The core component of this initiative is a five-minute video that teaches employees about emotional health and how to appropriately connect with distressed peers at the workplace who may need support.

For your convenience, we’ve included the video below.


Replace Stigma with Support!

The 1in4 Campaign is designed to increase awareness of mental health concerns and reduce the stigma of seeking help. Take action now: 


Use Your EAP

If you work for a U.S.-based company, chances are you have access to an employee assistance program, or EAP. Free and confidential, EAPs serve as a resource for HR, managers and supervisors who may be dealing with employee performance issues stemming from mental health concerns. EAPs can provide management training, employee education and other resources to help raise awareness and reduce the stigma of seeking help.